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see the mind of this learned man in regard to the signification of the Hebrew term on which our brother labors so much. And what do they discover? Why, that Selden, while he admitted that it was not badly rendered by turpitudo in Latin, and by ασχημοσυνη in Greek, believed its primary signification to be nakedness, and that it signified too verenda, pudibunda; and that the Rabbins were accustomed to designate by עֶרְוָה any interdicted female, as a mother, a sister, an aunt by the father's side, an aunt by the mother's side, a daughter-in-law.

Is it not then perfectly clear, that Selden does not, as the Puritan affirms, always render this word by turpitudo in Latin; and that the Jewish Rabbies apply it to designate objects or persons that are far from being "base and filthy?"

In the next paragraph, referring to another quotation from Selden, he says, "Here we have his testimony direct, that the word which our opponents suppose to mean marriage, expresses some unlawful connexion." How unjust in our brother to impute to us what we do not hold! We do not believe the word means marriage; and it may be fairly presumed, he never