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fourth commandment remained unchanged; but now, under the new dispensation, we observe, as the Christian Sabbath, the first day of the week, in commemoration of the resurrection of our Lord, and the finishing of the glorious work of redemption. So in regard to the statute prohibiting a man marrying his brother's widow, the sovereign authority that enacted could, at anytime and in such circumstances as He deemed proper, suspend its operation; and, as the reason for which its operation was suspended does not, under the Christian dispensation, ever occur, the statute has become invariable, and perpetually forbids the marriage of a man with his brother's widow.

In regard to the interesting subject of marriage, the Puritan may prefer being guided by human legislators and his own interpretation of nature; but we prefer being guided by the great and unerring Lawgiver of the universe; who knows the nature of things which He has constituted, unspeakably better than we do, and how to protect his own institution, so as best to promote His own glory and the best interests of the human race.