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liverer, the expected seed of the woman, who was to bruise the serpent's head. Was not Adam acquainted with the law of incest? Did he not, in the course of his long life, extending over 930 years, inform his descendants, at a proper time, that it was the will of God that marriages between brothers and sisters should cease? By the inspired historian it is stated, that the improper marriages between "the sons of God," the professors and followers of the true religion, and "the daughters of men," apostates from the true religion, ungodly men, were displeasing to the Lord, and became a source of irreligion and wickedness. (Gen. 6:1–4.)

Enoch, the seventh from Adam, was a man of eminent piety. "He walked with God;" and as a reward of his singular piety, he was translated to heaven, and exempted from the pains and corruption of death. (Gen. 5:24. Heb. 11:5.) This pre-eminently pious man was a prophet, as we are informed by the apostle Jude; and he prophesied to the Antediluvians of the second coming of our Lord, with his holy angels, to execute judgment on all unrighteous and ungodly men. And while he warned them of the