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ed in nature. The ignorance of uncultivated minds, unable to determine what is the law of nature, and what is not, cannot affect the character of the natural law, acknowledged to be such by the common consent of jurists and legislators. And why should the weakness of the human mind to discover the whole extent of a natural law, affect the natural character of this one Levitical law of marriage; when it is evident, from an inspection of it, that the whole rests on the same basis, the natural relations which rational creatures sustain to their Creator and to one another? Can not His omniscient eye see farther than the human eye? Does not the Maker of all things, the Architect of nature, know perfectly that nature which He created, and all the relations which He has constituted between his rational creatures?

Let us for a moment look at the particulars in this law. It prohibits marriage between

1. Parents and children: vs. 7, 8.

2. Brothers and sisters: v. 9.

3. A man and his grand-daughter: v. 10.

4. A man and his father's wife's daughter: v. 11.