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Old Testament dispensation had no written law, except the intimation in Gen. 2:24, on the subject of incestuous marriages; but was left entirely to the light of nature on this most important part of moral duty, so intimately connected with domestic purity and sound morals in the community.

2. A second indubitable consequence is, that the Christian Church, at its first establishment, was destitute of any inspired written rule on this interesting subject; and that it now is, and ever has been, in this (as we feel disposed to term it) sad destitution.

Is this, we ask, probable? Is it probable the Church on which God has shed such light, by his written word, on every other point of doctrine and duty, has received none on this deeply interesting subject? Is she, in this particular, left in the same condition as the heathen, without any inspired written rule to mark the degrees in which marriage is not allowed? Can brothers and sisters now marry without violating any written law against such connexions? Now we do not say, what our brother imputes to us, "that it is self-evident that such an express pro-