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There fell a pause of utter quiet. And—
Out from one murky window glanced an eye,
Stole from the other a lean, groping hand,
The padded door swung open with a sigh.
And—Exeunt Omnes! None to ask the fare—
A myriad human Odds in a last release
Leap out incontinent, snuff the incensed air;
A myriad parched-up voices whisper, 'Peace.'
On, on, and on — a stream, a flood, they flow.
wondrous vale of jocund buds and bells!
Like vanishing smoke the rainbow legions glow.
Yet still the enravished concourse sweeps and swells.
All journeying done. Rest now from lash and spur—
Laughing and weeping, shoulder and elbow—'twould seem
That Coach capacious all Infinity were,
And these the fabulous figments of a dream.