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amined the paissage toward the north-west; of which Tonga had given us information. They had run along very close to Attata, which they had left on the larboard, as they failed from our anchorage. Kepa, the chief of this little island, had come to meet them, and received them with great civility. In the morning he came to see us, and inquired after Captain Cook, who, he told us, was his friend. On being informed of his death, he could not refrain from tears, and tool: out of his girdle a shark’s tooth, with which he was going to wound his cheeks, in order to express the violence of his grief, if we had not prevented him.

The art of physic is practised among those people with a parade of myftery. One of crew, who had accompanied us along the beach, having hurt his wriil; by_an exertion, a native offered to ease the pain, and fuccceded pretty quickly by fdueezing and prelling the part in- jured, (en m·a[2`mt Zo partie blrjiéej ; at the fame time`·he blew upon it repeatedly, intending, no doubt, that we ihould afcribe the cure —to his i breath.

On the fea-side we saw several natives occupied in fquaring fome large tones of the calcareous kind, which, we were informed, were intended to be employed in burying a chief, who was related