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4 "What's the matter, Watty, wi' you! Trouth your chafts are fa'in in! Something's wrang-I'm vexed to see you Gudesake! but ye're desperate thin ! " "Ay," quo' Watty, "things are altered, But it's past redemption now, L-d! I wish I had been haltered When I married Maggy Howe! I've been poor, and vexed, and raggy, Tried mi troubles no that sma'; Them I bore—but marrying Maggy, Laid the cap-stane o' them a'. Night and day she's ever yelping, Wi' the weans she ne'er can gree, When she's tired wi' perfect skelping, Then she flees like fire on me. See ye, Mungo! when she'll clask on Wi' her everlasting clack, Whiles I've had my neive in passion, Liftet up to break her back!" "O, for gardesake, keep frae cuffets," Mungo shook his head and said, “Weel I ken what sort a life it's; Ken ye, Watty, how I did P After Bess and I were kippled, Soon she grew like ony bear, Brack' my shins, and when I tippled, Harl't out my very hair. Tor a wee I quietly knuckled, But whan naething would prevail,