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"Seemingly the author of Symphony of the Damned delved into the ancient books of black magic, etc. He was able to turn out something equally as weird, yet with a de- cidedly modern trend."

Fingernail Gnawing

Arthur L. Widner, Jr., of Waterbury, Ver- mont, writes: "Although I'm not normally a nervous person I have the well known but bad habit of biting my fingernails. Ordi- narily I am content to nibble a nail or two a day, alternating on each hand every week; but after reading the March issue of WT, I looked like a male counterpart of the Venus De Milo, excluding the handsome part of it. The Guardian of the Book made me consume my entire left arm. A powerful tale. Henry Hasse must fill his pen with that Good Gulf. The Brood of Bubastis did very well on my right forearm, and The Dark Star awoke my cannibalistic instincts enough to finish up to my shoulder. All the stories were good, with Lovecraft and Quick getting honorable men- tion."

The Greatest Genius

Harold S. Farnese, of Los Angeles, writes: "Reading your magazine habitually, I some- times wonder whether you ever realized how great a contributor you had in H. P. Love- craft. Whether you ever gaged the fineness of his stories, the originality of his genius? Of course, you published them, alongside of others. You sent him his cheque, and that was that. But has it ever occurred to you that in Lovecraft you had the greatest cenius that ever lived in the realm of weird fiction ?"


L.H.K. writes from Pasadena, California: "Have read your magazine for a long time and enjoy it very much — but for the sake of an 'old reader' can't you please do some- thing about always spelling surprise with a z?" [The Funk & Wagnalls Standard Dic- tionary gives surprize as the preferred spell- ing. — The Editor.]

The Scarab

Julius Hopkins writes from Washington, D. O: tr The t^ecronomists, the Washington Weird Tales Ouh, is going to publish the first issue of its official organ, The Scarab, on May 15 and we are goifig to give abso-

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