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The first supplement to the now famous "Who's Who in India" (published by the Newul Kishore Press, Lucknow, in 1911) appeared in June 1912, and thanks to the patronage of the Ruling Chiefs, title holders and the general public it met with a reception which was perhaps more than it deserved. Ever since then our friends and patrons had been persistently requesting us to make the work up-to-date by bringing out as soon as possible an additional supplement which might contain the names of those who by virtue of their patriotic and loyal services to the country and the Government, respectively have received fresh honours or have otherwise distinguished themselves during the interval. This volume is the result.

I must again tender my sincere and grateful thanks to those who, at my request, assisted me in bringing out this work as without their co-operation the task would have been well nigh impossible. As one of the chief objects of the publication of "Who's Who in India" (with the two Supplementary Volumes) is to dispel the wide-spread ignorance that prevails in India as well as in other countries about the notable and distinguished personages of the country I still rely upon my countrymen to help me in the realisation of that object by popularising the book as much as possible and if I succeed in this object even partially, as I have no doubt to do through the kindness of my numerous friends and patrons, I will consider my labours not to have been in vain.

Newul Kishore Press, PRAG NARAIN BHARGAVA, Lucknow, June 1914. Rai Bahadur.