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who presented him a medal as a mark of his pleasure and good wishes. He has travelled extensively all over India and has been to Europe also; consequently his knowledge of the world is very vast. In social matters, he holds the views of the enlightened section of the people. Not only he holds those views but translates them into practice whenever occasion demands it. In recognition of his public services the title of Rai Bahadur, as a personal distinction, was conferred on him in December, 1911, on the occasion of the Delhi Durbar. Address : Singhai Estate, Kheri District, United Provinces.

DUNGARPUR.—His Highness Rai Rayan Maharawal Sri Sir Bejey Singh Bahadur, K. C. I. E., Maharawal of—a Ruling Chief, was born on July 17th, 1887, and educated at the Mayo College, Ajmer; he succeeded to the gaddi on February 13th, 1898, and was invested with full ruling powers in 1909. A brief history of the State and the ruling family appeared in the Principal work. Part I, pages 91 and 92. The Maharawal was made a Knight Commander of the Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire in June, 1912. Address : Dungarpur, Rajputana.

DEWAS.—(Junior Branch) His Highness Raja Malhar Rao Powar, Raja of—born on 18th August 1877, was adopted by his uncle, the late chief, in January, 1892, and installed on the gaddi the same year. His Highness was very carefully educated at the Daly College, Indore, and was formally invested with powers in November, 1897. Since his assumption of ruling powers he has been governing his State wisely and well and doing much to improve the condition of his subjects. He was granted the K.-I.-H. Gold Medal in June, 1912. His Highness maintains a military force of 79 cavalry, 166 Infantry and 9 guns and is entitled to a salute of 15 guns. A brief account of the Dewas State, both the Senior and the Junior branches, appeared in the Principal work, pages 37-38, Part I. Address : Dewas, Junior Branch.