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(Symbol missingGreek characters)" They are, as the Clarian Apollo said at Colophon (Orac. v. ed. Gall. p. 14; Lact. lib. i. c. 7):—

—"(Symbol missingGreek characters)"

who, (Orph. fr. iii. p. 454, ed. H.; and Euseb. Pr. Ev. p. 686, ed. Col.) around (Symbol missingGreek characters)

—"(Symbol missingGreek characters)"

and stand " (Symbol missingGreek characters)," says Onatas, "(Symbol missingGreek characters)" (Stob. Eel. Ph. i. 2, 28),—"(Symbol missingGreek characters)" (Macrob. Sat. i. 23). They are (Orph. fr. iii. 3) subject to him,—

"(Symbol missingGreek characters)"

and they obey (Aristoph. Nub. 555)—

"(Symbol missingGreek characters)——"

a) As regards Elohim, we read in his word, "The Scripture of Truth," of the (Symbol missingGreek characters) (Eph. iii. 10; comp. with Asc. Isaiæ v. vii. 9); and that even (Symbol missingGreek characters) (St. Luke ii. 13), "a multitude" is but a small band of that Heavenly Host. We are told of (Symbol missingHebrew characters), "The Prince," or "Captain of that Host" (Josh. v. 14);—of "Cherubim" (Psalm Ixxx. 1; xcix. 1)—(Symbol missingArabic characters)