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of an auld cow's head, skims ad the fat an make a green cog o’ brose, then pours on a chappin o clean creish like oil, which made a brave sappy breakfast for Jockey an his mither, an Maggy got the cog to scart.

The brose being done, an a’ things ready, he halters the black mare, lays on the sunks and a covering, fine furniture for a country wife.

Jockey mounts an his mither behind him, trots awa, till coming down the brae aboon John Davie’s well; the auld beast being unseery the feet, she foundered before the girth and curple brake. Jockey tumbled o’er her lugs, an his mither out o’er him in the well wi’ a slunge.

Jock.] Ay, ay, mither, tho' I fell ye needna faun abune me, and gin ye had lyne where ye lighted first, ye wadne tumbled into the well: ‘tis an unco thing that a body canna get a fa‘ but ye maun fa' abune them: auld ruddoch it thou is, thou might a hauden better by the rumple, an ye wadna a bruised a' my back wi‘ your auld hard banes, nor a wat a' yoursel sae, an see, how ye have drummel’d a‘ John Davie‘s well.

Mit.] Hech quoth she, I wonder gin I be kill'd, thou always was wont to get the word o' a good rider, baith upon hissies an horses, an this be thy management thou's little worth; fell'd the auld banes that bore thee! sic a bath, as I hae gotten to my Yool, thou coudna gien me a war bed nor a water hole, in a cauld frosty morning; wae be to thee an that ill gotten gett o'thine, O! let never better bounty be gotten wi‘ bystarts getting, an this is so much for the fruits of fornication, a war stance nor the black-stool yet.

Jock.] Let's a be now wi' your auld taunts about bystarts getting, or I'se gie you the wind e‘ the mare's tail, an gar you wommel hame an a' your wat coats about you.

Mit.] Na, na my man Johnny, haud the auld jade till I loup on, we came together, an we‘s gang