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she, here’s the bride to ly down wi’ you. Na, na, said he. I'll no ly wi’ that unco woman indeed, if it binna heads an thraws the way I ly with my mither? O fy! dinna affront yoursel: The bride saus a crying, O mither! mither! was this the way my father guided you the first night? Na, na, thy father was a man o’ manners and better mettle, poor thing Meg, thou’s ca'd thy hogs to a bonny market. A bonny market says his mither, a shame fa’ you an her baith, he’s wordy o’ her tho’ she were better nor what she is, or e’er will be. His friends and her friends being in a mixt multitude, some took his part an some took her’s, there did a battle begin in the clap of a hand, being a very fierce tumult, which ended in blood, they struck so hard with stones sticks, beetles, and barrow trams, pigs, pots, stoups, trenchers, were flying like bombs and granadoes. The crook, bouls and tangs were all employed as weapons of war: till down came the bed with a great mou of peats. So this disturbet their bedding.


NOW though all the ceremonies of Jockey and Maggy’s wedding were ended, when they were fairly bedded, before a wheen rattling unruly witnesses, who dang down the bed aboon them; the battle still increased, and John’s work turn’d out to be very wonderful, for he made Janet, that was lass his mither's lass the last year, grew like an elshin-haft, and got his ain Maggy wi’ bairn forby.

The hamsheughs, were very great, until auld uncle Rabby came in to redd them, and a sturdy auld fellow he was, stood lively wi’ a stiff rumple, and by strength of his arms rave them sundry, sturgen the tane east and the tither west, until they stood a’ round about, like as mony breathless forsoughen cocks, and no ane durst steer anither for him, Jockey’s mither was driven o'er a kist, and brogit a her hips on a round heckle, up she gat and running to fell