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the New York concerts, just three weeks after the "Black Patti" concerts, Miss Nahar filled Bethel again almost to suffocation two nights with a children's cantata and a pantomime. She has at present many engagements to manage both concerts and dramas during the Word's Fair.

The height of her ambition is to build and put into active working order a home for friendless girls—not a refuge, but a home, with all that the word means—that hundreds who otherwise would be thrown out upon the world friendless and alone, and might drift into vice, may find a shelter where Christianity, self-respect and self-support will be taught. Chicago will probably be the place chosen to build. The present prospects are also in favor of her becoming an actress under one of the best managers in America.

It pleases those who have heard her to hear her again. Her appearance is most excellent; her manner of gesticulation is graceful; she has the ability to get out of herself into her author's spirit, feelings and thoughts—a good imitator of the sublime. She is kind and interesting in the social circle and very much at home with those with whom she converses. We may predict for her a life of great usefulness.

The following are some of the sayings of the press concerning her:

Miss Ednorah Nahar is a reader of talent. Her gestures are easy, graceful and to the point, while her stage presence would do credit to many a professional actress.—Boston Daily Advertiser.

Her general style is good, her manner pleasing; added to this she is most fortunate in the possession of a voice which is a marvel of sweetness and purity of tone.—Boston Evening Traveler.