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Chuang Tzŭ

love height, and fishes and turtles love depth. And the man who cares for himself hides his body. He loves the occult.

There is a play here upon words.

"As to Yao and Shun, what claim have they to praise? Their fine distinctions simply amounted to knocking a hole in a wall in order to stop it up with brambles;

They had better have left the wall alone.

to combing each individual hair; to counting the grains for a rice pudding! How in the name of goodness did they profit their generation?

"If the virtuous are honoured, emulation will ensue. If knowledge be fostered, the result will be theft.

People will employ their knowledge against each other.

These things are of no use to make people good. The struggle for wealth is so severe. Sons murder their fathers; ministers their princes; men rob in broad daylight, and bore through walls at high noon. I tell you that the root of this great evil is from Yao and Shun, and that its branches will extend into a thousand ages to come. A thousand ages hence, man will be feeding upon man!"

Nan Yung Ch'u

A disciple.

sadly straightened his seat and said, "But what is one of my age to do that he may attain to this?"