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Chuang Tzŭ

at the unknowable. That is perfection. And for those who do not follow this, God will destroy them!

"Knowledge," says Emerson in his Montaigne, or the Sceptic, "is the knowing that we cannot know."

"With such defences for the body, ever prepared for the unexpected, deferential to the rights of others,—if then calamities overtake you, these are from God, not from man. Let them not disturb what you have already achieved. Let them not penetrate into the soul's abode. For there resides the Will. And if the will knows not what to will, it will not be able to will.

Inability to exercise the functions of will is Tao.

"Whatsoever is not said in all sincerity, is wrongly said. And not to be able to rid oneself of this vice is only to sink deeper towards perdition.

"Those who do evil in the open light of day,—men will punish them. Those who do evil in secret,—God will punish them. Who fears both man and God, he is fit to walk alone.

The term here used for "God" means strictly those "spirits" which are the avenging emissaries of the Deity.

Those who are devoted to the internal,

To self-culture.

in practice acquire no reputation. Those who are devoted to the external, strive for pre-eminence