Pangkor Engagement

Colonial Office, Straits Settlements of Pinang, Malacca and Singapore

Dated 20th January, 1874.

Whereas, differences have existed among the Chinese employed as miners as otherwise at Larut in the Kingdom of Perak, which differences have been referred to the decision of His Excellency the Governor of the Straits Settlements, and whereas, His Excellency the Governor has examined into the matter and has decided thereon as follows:

1st That both the said contending parties shall be disarmed and the stockades destroyed.

2nd That both shall be at liberty to return to their work at Larut.

3rd That one or more Officers of the Government of the Straits Settlements together with two Chinese to be chosen for that purpose by the parties bounden in this Bond, shall be employed as Commissioners to settle all claims as to the mines occupied and business conducted by both the contending parties, their decision or the decision of a majority of them to be final.

4th That all future arrangements as to the supply of water for the several mines shall be subject to the orders and regulations of the British Residents to be stationed in Perak and Larut, and their decision shall be final.

5th That the Sultan of Perak shall be a party to this arrangement, and may exercise any function necessary in the Government of his country in Larut by an Officer to be deputed for that purpose by him, and whereas, the parties hereto have accepted the said decision and agreed to be bound by it under the penalty of this Bond;

Now these Present witness that the said parties, that is to say:

Wong Ah Chong
Chin Ah Yam
Tan Ah Quay
Oh Kim Sin
Chiang Keng Bo
Lee Chim Foey
Ang Kang Sin
Ang Ah Kway
Yong Ban Kyet
Boo Ah Yen
Wong Teng Wai
Khoo Ah Chay
Leng Chap Siew
Chang Kang Quee

Yong Ah Ken
Lee Ah Fook
Li Ah Pow
Ho Ah Chew
Mah Yet Hin
Khoo Ah Quay
Wong Yang Po
Kok Ah Man
Lee Laye
Tan Ah Ug
Wung Sam Siew
Wong Kim Yew
Foo Chee Hoey

Headmen or undertakers of Tin mines or otherwise at Larut, do acknowledge themselves jointly as well as severally their and each of their Executors and Administrators, and any one or more of them their Executors and Administrators, to be bound to Her Majesty Queen Victoria of Great Britain and Ireland in the sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars, to be well and truly paid to Her said Majesty, Her Heirs, and Successors, at any one or more of the Treasuries of Her said Majesty, in the Colony of the Straits Settlements.

In witness whereof, they have hereunto set their hands and seals this 20th day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy-four.

Now the condition of this Bond is such, that if the parties hereto, for themselves and for those employed by and dependent on them at Larut and elsewhere, in the business of Tin mining and otherwise, do conduct their said business at Larut and elsewhere peaceably and in accordance with Law, and do adhere to and as far as in their power cause those employed by and dependent on them to adhere to the terms of the arrangement above set out, and that this Bond may be put in suit on behalf of Her said Majesty, Her Heirs, and Successors, in the name of the Attorney-General of the Straits Settlements, in any of Her Majestey's Courts having jurisdiction in the said Settlements, then this Bond to be void and of no elfect, otherwise to remain in full force.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered, at Pulo Pangkor, in the British Possessions, this Twentieth day of January, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-four, after having been explained in the Chinese language by me.

(Twenty-six Signatures and Seals.)

(Signed) Chong Marcus, Chinese Interpreter.

In the presence of,

(Signed) W. A. Pickering, Witness.

(Signed) H. L. Randell, Witness.

(Source: Proceedings of the S.S. Legislative Council for 1874. Enclosure F. in Clarke to Earl Kimberley, No. 43, Singapore, 24/2/1874.)