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Bravely acted, little lady;
Bravely acted, wife of mine.
Though I know your heart is aching
Almost to the point of breaking,
Not a word of what you're feeling,
Only just a teardrop stealing.
Such a splendid little lady,
Such a splendid wife of mine!

Bravely spoken, little lady;
Bravely spoken, wife of mine.
Just a tightening of your fingers
While your hand in mine still lingers;
Just "God bless and keep you, dearest;
In my thoughts you're always nearest."
Such a sportsman, little lady;
Such a sportsman, wife of mine!

Is it fair, my little lady?
Fair to you, O wife of mine?
Seven days we two together,
Then we part, perhaps forever.
(God! those days, though only seven,
Seemed a little glimpse of Heaven!)
That's the question, little lady.
Yours the answer, wife of mine.