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Patriotic pieces from the Great War/The Americans Come!

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Permission of Munsey's Magazine, New York

"What is the cheering, my little one?
Oh, that my blinded eyes could see!
Hasten, my boy, to the window run,
And see what the noise in the street may be.

"I hear the drums and the marching feet;
Look and see what it's all about!
Who can it be that our people greet
With cheers and laughter and joyous shout?"

"There are men, my father, brown and strong,
And they carry a banner of wondrous hue;
With a mighty tread they swing along;
Now I see white stars on a field of blue!"

"You say that you see white stars on blue?
Look, are there stripes of red and white?
It must be—yes, it must be true!
Oh, dear God, if I had my sight!

"Hasten, son, fling the window wide;
Let me kiss the staff our flag swings from
And salute the Stars and Stripes with pride,
For, God be praised, the Americans come!"