Patriotic pieces from the Great War/The Man Who Can Fight and Smile


Permission of the author

There is need in the world of men to-day
For the man who can fight and smile;
For the man who can to the field away
With a song on his lips the while.

There is need in the world of women to-day
For the woman who smiles and gives;
Who can hide her tears and her deep dismay,
While in sorrow she works and lives.

There are tears enough in the world to-day,
With its strife and bloodshed and grief;
We must lift our hearts from the clouds of gray,
And so glimpse the sunshine brief.

We must fight with a faith as well as a will,
For faith will make victory sure;
With the knowledge that right shall triumph still,
And bring a peace to endure.

So here's to the man who can fight and smile,
And the woman who smiles as she gives;
And here's to the end of war's dreadful night
And the dawn of the peace that lives.