Personal Idealism

Personal Idealism  (1902) 
by Henry Cecil Sturt



I. Error. By G. F. Stout, M.A., Wilde Reader in Mental Philsophy
II. Axioms as Postulates. By F. C. S. Schiller, M.A., Fellow and Assistant Tutor of Corpus Christi College
III. The Problem of Freedom in its Relation to Psychology. By W. R. Boyce Gibson, M.A., Queen's College, Lecturer in London University
IV. The Limits of Evolution. By G. E. Underhill, M.A., Fellow and Senior Tutor of Magdalen College
V. Origin and Validity in Ethics. By R. R. Marett, M.A., Fellow and Tutor of Exeter College
VI. Art and Personality. By Henry Sturt, M.A., Queen's College
VII. The Future of Ethics: Effort or Abstention? By F. W. Bussell, D.D., Fellow, Tutor, and Vice-Principal of Brasenose College
VIII. Personality, Human and Divine. By Hastings Rashdall, D.Litt., Fellow and Tutor of New College

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