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HE ran without noticing in
what direction for some
time. Then, beginning to
feel tired, he slackened his
speed, and finally stopped quite still
and looked about him. A second
glance showed him a great field of
turnips only a few yards ahead of

He was beginning to feel very
hungry. So in another moment he
was busily at work rooting up

A fine, juicy turnip.

ON this he feasted
until he could eat
no more. Unwilling to
leave such a tempting meal,
he finally dug up a second
fine plump turnip and carried
it away, slung over his
shoulder. He thought it
might taste good for luncheon.


A robin red-breast flew across
his path and wished him
a cheery good-morning,
Peter gaily stopped for a few moments of chatter.

Already he felt a
little lonely and looked
after the robin rather
wistfully as it flew over
the bushes.