Peter Rabbit and his Ma/Chapter 7


WITH many thanks to his kind little host, he put on the little red coat that was now quite dry and with a last good-bye started down the path at a good pace, feeling much rested and refreshed, but not knowing at all where he was going, for the field-mouse had been unable to give him much information as he had but lately come to that part of the country. When Peter Rabbit did not reach home

by dusk,

Mrs. Rufus Rabbit began to get
very anxious. Having fed
Molly Cottontail and the
twins, and put them to
bed, she quickly dressed
in her cloak and bonnet

took her lantern and a walking stick

that had belonged to Peter Rabbit's Pa ("For who knows but there may be bears in


the woods?" she said to herself and not very far did she have to go. For without knowing it, Peter Rabbit had been traveling in a circle, and at the foot of a big oak tree,

in a nest of soft green ferns,
she found him fast asleep.