The first volume of The Philological Museum appeared in 1831, but lasted only six volume. Volume 2, published in 1833, is notable for Connop Thirlwall's masterly paper "On the Irony of Sophocles", which pioneered the concept of dramatic irony.





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Imaginary Conversation. P. Scipio Emilianus, Polybius, Panetius 1
Dr Arnold on the Spartan Constitution 38
On the Homeric Use of the word Ἥρως 72
On Affectation in ancient and modern Art 93
De Arati Canone Augusti Boeckhii Prolusio Academica 101
Anecdota Barocciana 108
On the Roman Coloni, from the German of Savigny 117
Memnon 146
On the Position of Susa 185
On certain Tenses attributed to the Greek Verb 193
Quo Armi Tempore Panathenaea Minora celebrata sint, quaeritur 227
Miscellaneous Observations.
On the Death of Paches 236
On the Title of Xenophon's Greek History, from the German of L. Dindorf 241
On English Preterites and Genitives 243
On the Use of Definitions 263
On the Attic Dionysia 273
On the Painting of an ancient Vase 308
On certain affirmative and negative Particles of the English Language 315
On Oc and Oyl, particularly with reference to what Dante says on the subject 329
On the Kings of Attica before Theseus 345
On English Præterites 373
On the Birth-Year of Demosthenes 389
Anecdota Barocciana 412
On ancient Greek Music 435
De Sacerdotiis Græcorum Augusti Boeckhii Prolusio Academica 449
De Titulis Quibusdam Suppositis Augusti Boeckhii Prolusio Academica 457
Miscellaneous Observations.
I. On a Passage of the Philoctetes of Sophocles from the German of Welcker 468
II. On the Months of the Roman Lunar Year 473
III. Notice of the Third Volume of Niebuhr's Roman History 475
On the Irony of Sophocles 483
On the Worth of Socrates as a Philosopher 538
Schleiermacher on Plato's Apology 556
Socrates, Schleiermacher, and Delbrueck 562
Simplicius de Cœlo 588
Vico 626
Regia Homerica 645
Ogyges 650
Niebuhr on the Distinction between Annals and History 661
Hannibal's Passage over the Alps 671
Miscellaneous Observations.
I. Emendations of Athenæus 687
II. Notice of Micali's History of the Ancient Nations of Italy 689
III. De Taciti loco, Hist. I. 52, Augusti Boeckhii Prolusio Academica 694
IV. De Platonis in Republica loco, Augusti Boeckhii Prolusio Academica 699
V. Cleon and Admiral Vernon 703

This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.

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