Poems (Coates 1916)/Volume II/In War-Time—An American Homeward Bound

For works with similar titles, see In War Time.
Poems, Volume II by Florence Earle Coates
In War-Time—An American Homeward Bound

Also published in The Bellman.



FURTHER and further we leave the scene
Of war—and of England's care;
I try to keep my mind serene,—
But my heart stays there;

For a distant song of pain and wrong
My spirit doth deep confuse,
And I sit all day on the deck, and long—
And long for news!

I seem to see them in battle-line—
Heroes with hearts of gold,
But of their victory a sign
The Fates withhold;

And the hours too tardy-footed pass,
The voiceless hush grows dense
Mid the imaginings, alas!
That feed suspense.

Oh, might I lie on the wind, or fly
In the wilful sea-bird's track,
Would I hurry on, with a homesick cry,—
Or hasten back?