Poems (Eddy)/To My Absent Brother

4533570Poems — To My Absent BrotherMary Baker Eddy
DWELLS there a shadow on thy brow—
A look that years impart?
Does there a thought of vanished hours
Come ever o'er thy heart?

Or give those earnest eyes yet back
An image of the soul,
Mirrored in truth, in light and joy,
Above the world's control?

So may their gaze be ever fraught
With utterance deep and strong,
Yielding a holy strength to right,
A stern rebuke to wrong!

Thy soul, upborne on wisdom's wings,
In brighter morn will find
Life hath a higher recompense
Than just to please mankind.

Supreme and omnipresent God,
Guide him in wisdom's way!
Give peaceful triumph to the truth,
Bid error melt away!

Lynn, Mass., November 8, 1866.