Poems (Eddy)/To the Sunday School Children

by Mary Baker Eddy
To the Sunday School Children
4533599Poems — To the Sunday School ChildrenMary Baker Eddy
Who sent me the picture depictive of Isaiah xi.

JESUS loves you! so does mother:
Glad thy Eastertide:
Loving God and one another,
You in Him abide.
Ours through Him who gave you to us,—
Gentle as the dove,
Fondling e'en the lion furious,
Leading kine with love.

Father, in Thy great heart hold them
Ever thus as Thine!
Shield and guide and guard them; and, when
At some siren shrine
They would lay their pure hearts' off'ring,
Light with wisdom's ray—
Beacon beams—athwart the weakly,
Rough or treacherous way.

Temper every trembling footfall,
Till they gain at last—
Safe in Science, bright with glory—
Just the way Thou hast:
Then, O tender Love and wisdom,
Crown the lives thus blest
With the guerdon of Thy bosom,
Whereon they may rest!

Pleasant View, Concord, N. H., April 3, 1899.