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4532874Poems — InvocationEliza Gabriella Lewis

Stay, dear one, time may never bring
Another moment on his wing
So rich with bliss:
See, 'mid the sun-lit Heavens on high
Hang blushing clouds, a canopy
Whose shadows kiss
The trembling waves, that bound to meet
The sun's last glances, ere they fleet
Like visioned hopes.
My own, my blest, mark how below
The field and woodlands brightly glow;
Kind nature opes
Her richest stores—'tis a fair scene.
And thou, of beauty art the queen,
My lov'd, my dear!
Stay, nor like that bright orb depart—
Thine eyes are to my beating heart
A sunny sphere—
Thou wilt not? cruel! fare thee well;
Heed not my tears that gushing swell!
Far from my sight,
Go, go—I would not bid thee stay,
My life—my bliss thou bearest away,
Good night—good night.