Poems (Eliza Gabriella Lewis)/Stanzas (Tell me, Spirit of the Sea)

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"Tell me, Spirit of the Sea,
Why the ocean's murmur dwells,
Hidden in coils so cunningly,
In the breast of the couch-like shells?"

And the voice of the Spirit said:
"Hidden from me is the mystery
Of the ocean's mighty bed."

I asked the Spirit of the Flowers,
Why it closed each little bell
When the sun had left its bowers,
And the shades of evening fell.

And the Spirit answered me:
"Seek not to know—a higher power
Hath will'd it so should be."

I turned to the Zephyr near:—
"Light Spirit, oh, tell me true,—
Whence came the wind you wafted here?
Tell me, where will it wander to?"

And the voice of the Zephyr said:
"I wander over the earth so fair,
By Creation's Law still led,"

Then my soul was sad with awe,
Of the solemn mysteries,
Of the Earth and Sky, and the Law
That governed the mighty seas!

Then the Hidden Spirit spoke,
Within my soul, of the Deity,
Who the bonds of chaos broke.

"Praise, praise to His holy power,
Forever on earth be given!
Seek, mortal, ere thy parting hour,
To know thy God in Heaven!