Poems (Eliza Gabriella Lewis)/To ——— (It told me thou wert all my own)

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"Susojos a mis ojos
Miven atentos,
Y, callando se dicen
Sus sentimentos,
Cosa es bien eavas,
Qua sin habaose entienden
Nuestros dos almas."

TO ——

It told me thou wert all my own—
(My gentle one)—that voiceless tone—
Dost thou forget the day
When gazing fondly in thine eyes,
I saw, with rapturous surprise,
Young love half hidden lay?
Blush not—that from thine eyes was told
A tale thy lips would deem too bold.

Nor e'er, sweet one, deny the tale
Once whispered 'neath the drooping veil
Of thine eyes' fringed lid?
But turn once more their tender gaze,
As in those early joyous days,
Ere by cold prudence chid.
Ah! treacherous lips, why thus deny
What's written in that tell-tale eye?