Poems (Elliott)/"Success Means Sacrifice"

4534069Poems — "Success Means Sacrifice"Martha Julia Elliott
"Success Means Sacrifice"
Senior Class Motto—1916

To those who would win in the battle of Life,
Where the weak meet the strong and temptations are rife,
And the fight is hard fought and the vict'ry hard won,
By him who fears not the hard tasks to be done,
I would quote, in encouragement, now, as we pass,
The motto of the wise I. H. S. senior class.

To those who give leisure and comfort and hope,
For the good of their country, with great odds to cope,
Who, forgetful of self, give their all to the cause,
Expecting no honor or human applause,
To these heroes alone must this knowledge suffice,
That success is attained through their great sacrifice.

In the life of the school it must still be the same—
To accomplish what's worthy of honor or fame,
We must learn to live up to our highest and best,
When our lives are so constantly put to the test—
To give and to help, though perhaps at great cost—
For never is unselfish sacrifice lost.