4534065Poems — A Spring MadrigalMartha Julia Elliott
A Spring Madrigal.
Spring is here! The blue-bird sings it,
And the budding crocus brings it
  Shyly peeping from the earth—
Warm sweet scents of fern and bracken
All our sluggish senses waken
  To revivifying birth!

Maple branch and pussy willow
Bend above Titania's pillow,
  Weaving shadows in her hair,
While she wakes in April's radiance,
Wakes amidst its subtle fragrance—
  Violet and arbutus rare.

Sings the brook down by the meadow,
Slips and swirls in sun and shadow,
  Hastening onward to the sea—
While the sky, the earth, the sunshine,
Early dawn and dusk and star-shine,
  Join in Nature's harmony.

Feathered songsters trill in measure
All their glad hearts out for pleasure—
  Happy harbingers of Spring!
Age, and Youth, and Man and Maiden,
Gay of heart and heavy laden,
  Hope and Joy and Love now sing.