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4534094Poems — FuturityMartha Julia Elliott
A space of time
May go,
But time is naught
When one has the bright living faith
To wait the true Hereafter.
What could be better, truer and more reasonable
Than that we should
Return and live anew
In this or other spheres
Which circle endlessly in the firmament?
Anew—Oh word of promise
What wonder-meaning is in you
To live anew—without the old
Impediments and burdens
O'er which to stumble and under which
To fall.
To cast aside all things that hinder us.
Oh! might it be that we could profit by
Our hard-won, suffering-fraught experience!
But that, they tell us, may not be
For we must enter
Into a New Life. Begin again
And grope our way
Through that New Life
To yet a new Hereafter,
And hence on
To interminable Infinitude.