4534062Poems — Her AnswerMartha Julia Elliott
Her Answer
In that dear rhyme of olden time,
Concerning rose and violet blue;
The modem maid, quite unafraid,
And mindful also of what's true,
Suggests that you left out the part
Which goes so far to win her heart—
"Sugar is sweet and so are you!"
  O modern maid, quite unafraid!

She willingly forswears all debt,
She will not be a Suffragette,
She might, without a theater box,
Consent to dam your Hole-Proof socks,
She's smiling at your courtesy,
While pouring out your cup of tea—
Just see to whom your court you've paid,
  A modern maid, quite unafraid!

She can't forego the frills and auto
What woman could, and what one ought to?
She hopes a Lozier it may be
And not a little "Tin Lizzie!"
You see your mental apprehension
Of what attracts a maid's attention
Is not far wrong—I've plainly said—
  I, modern maid, quite unafraid.

And yet you miss the finer part
That constitutes a maiden's heart—
A heart as warm and true and tender—
As that which animates the sender.
I, too, dream dreams beside the fire—
Of willing feet that never tire—
Of happy hearts, by living tried,
But beating ever side by side.
  O modern maid, quite unafraid!
  O happy beau, of long ago!