Poems (Elliott)/Mu Phi Epsilon Song

by Martha Julia Elliott
Mu Phi Epsilon Song
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Mu Phi Epsilon Song
The happy girls of many a Mu Phi band
Are scattered far and wide o'er all the land,
From Atlantic to Pacific's golden shore,
We meet them, greet them, love them more and more.
They sing this song, with music of the lyre,
And every heart with Joy and Youth on fire:


      Our duty see—
      With love obey
      And honor keep
      Upon our way,
      So that the world
      May better be
      For the Mu Phi

The sign and symbol of our unity
Of finest gold is wrought for you and me,
The royal purple of the amethyst,
Betokens the temptations we resist,
The pure white pearls—may they the emblems be
Of motive, love and life of this Sorority.


With bonds of love may hearts united be,
Each feel for each the tenderest sympathy,
And strive to help each other in the fight
Where oft 'tis hard to keep our honor bright.
May cheer and blessing on each one attend
Till we have done our duty to the end.