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4534048Poems — ThoughtsMartha Julia Elliott

How the rose-leaves float along,
How the roses bloom in the morning,
The little birds on their way
Floating along, find leaves
To build, their nests with loving care.


Ah! the good God makes the crosses,
Ah! the good God makes the heaven,
Ah! the good God makes the day,
Ah! the good God makes the high churches,
Ah! the good God makes ever so many crosses,
  By day and by night.
Ah! the good God does everything
  For people and for the living.


Oh, the lilies, lilies sweet,
Fairies come to ring you,
Angels come, angels come
To hear your sweetest music.
God lets water come upon you,
Pansies rub their velvet heads
Against your fragile stems,
Fairies come and let their diamonds fall
  Into your cups.
And the violets love you.
And the children come and pick you,
O, sweetest Lilies-of-the-Valley,
And the proudest roses think you are
  Prettier then they.
And the fairy princesses come and drink
Out of your cups, and the orange blossoms
Let their fragrance blow on you.
O, fairest Lilies-of-the-Valley!
And the humming birds fly gently past you
And the children come to smell your sweetest fragrance,
O, fairest Lilies-of-the-Valley!


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful white cloud in the sky. A white moon came floating by with a little yellow star.

They went into the cloud and there they found a beautiful casket, made of shells and diamonds.

They opened it and found a beautiful maiden. But she was dead.

They took her down to earth and gave her to the fairies and the fairies made her alive. Her name was Psyche.

When you die, you shall be put in the same casket and you shall have a happy life in the sky.

Note: Sometime after having been told the Greek legend of Psyche (the Soul).