Poems and Extracts/Fragment (1)

For works with similar titles, see Fragment and Fragment (Finch).

This fragment is the first 16 lines of Enquiry After Peace.


Peace! where art thou to be found?
Were in all the spacious round,
May thy footsteps be pursued?
Where may thy calm seats be view'd?
On some mountain dost thou lie,
Serenely near the ambient sky,
Smiling at the clouds below,
Where rough storms and tempests grow?
Or, in some retired plain,
Undisturbed dost thou remain, 10
Where no angry whirlwinds pass
Where no floods oppress the grass.
High above, or deep below,
Fain I thy retreat would know;
Fain I thee alone would find
Balm to my o'er-wearied mind.