Poems and Extracts/Index of first lines


Accept, O sacred shade, this artless verse 76
And now, perch'd proudly on the topmost spray 52
Approach in silence. 'Tis no vulgar tale 61
As those we love decay, we die in part 83
Call for the Robin-red-breast, and the Wren 42
Can I, who have for others oft compiled 79
Come, Peace of Mind, delightful guest 43
Deep lines of honor all can hit. 16
Fair Tree! for thy delightful shade. 20
Fallen, fallen, a silent heap 69
For though banished from my flocks. 33
Give me, O indulgent Fate! 3
Go, lovely Rose! 72
Hail, mildly-pleasing Solitude 45
Happy the man, whose wish and care 50
Her true beauty leaves behind 41
He sung of God, the mighty source 92
He that to such a height hath build his mind 84
How gaily is our life begun 18
I must praise her as I may 41
In such a night when every louder wind 9
In the Muse's paths I stray 2
I were unkind unless that I did shed 81
Lady, I rifled a Parnassian Cave. 1
Live while you live, the Epicure will say. 80
Meanwhile, ye living Parents, ease your grief 22
Me though in life's sequestered vale. 56
Now come, ye Naiads, to the fountains lead 54
Oh! might I live to see an art arise. 27
O King of Terrors! whose unbounded sway 32
Peace! where art thou to be found?. 12
See how the orient Dew 66
Silvia, let us from the crowd retire 28
So here confined, and but to female clay 13
Sometime I do admire 38
The Lady Mary Villiers lies 78
The sun 's my fire, when it doth shine 68
The Tree of Knowledge, which in Eden prove'd 25
Thron'd on the sun's descending car. 58
Thus safely low, my Friend, thou canst not fall 49
Thy shades thy silence now be mine. 47
Thy bosom is endeared with all hearts 64
'Tis strange, this heart within my breast 26
To me who in their lays the shepherds call. 57
What joy within these sunless groves, 48
What pearls, what rubies can 40
When I have seen by times fell hand defaced 63
When in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes 65
Where is that World to which the fancy flies 8
While sunk in deepest solitude and woe 74
Whoe'er thou art whose path in summer lies 59
Why came I so untimely forth 73
Would we attain the happiest state 7