Poems of Letitia Elizabeth Landon (L. E. L.) in The Amulet, 1826/Stanzas - My heart hath turned away

Poems in The Amulet 1826  (1825)  by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Stanzas. My heart hath turned away


BY L. E. L.

Oh life, what wouldst thou be, but that thine end
Has hope!

My heart hath turned away
    From its early dream;
To me its course has been
    Like a mountain stream.

Pure and clear it left
    Its place of birth;
But soon on every wave
    Were taints of earth.

Weeds grew upon the banks,
    And as the waters swept
A bad or useless part,
    Of all they kept

Till it reached the plain below
    An altered thing,
Bearing trace and sign
    Of its wandering.

Withered and noxious leaves
    Floated on its brim,
And the blue, clear face of heaven
    Was in its mirror dim.

Just thus my heart has changed
    By the world which it has past;
Ah, hope, and truth, and feeling,
    Are too pure to last.

But that stream will wash away
    Its earthly soil and stain,
When its wandering has reached
    Its grave, the main.

And such is my heart's hope
    From sorrow and sully free,
It will find a glorious home—
    Thy rest—eternity.