Poetical Fragments from Ethel Churchill Volume II/A Portrait

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Many were lovely there; but, of that many,
Was one who looked the loveliest of any—
The youthful countess. On her cheek the dies
Were crimson with the morning's exercise;
The laugh upon her full red lip yet hung;
And, arrow-like, light words flashed from her tongue.
She had more loveliness than beauty—hers
Was that enchantment which the heart confers.
A mouth, sweet from its smiles; a large dark eye,
That had o'er all expression mastery,
Laughing the orb, but yet the long lash made
Somewhat of sadness with its twilight shade;
And suiting well the upcast look that seemed,
At times, as it of melancholy dreamed:
Her cheek was as a rainbow, it so changed
As each emotion o'er its surface ranged—
    Her face was full of feeling.

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Adapted from The Rose in The Golden Violet