Popular Science Monthly/Volume 2/December 1872

582778Popular Science Monthly
Volume 2
December 1872 — Table of Contents

Table of Contents

December 1872

The Early Discipline of Mankind 129
The Coati-Mondi and its Cousins 136
Weather Prophecies 149
A New Phase of German Thought I 152
How the Feelings Affect the Hair 158
Cotton Fibres and Fabrics 161
The Physiological Position of Tobacco 167
Aims and Instruments of Scientific Thought II 174
Introduction to the Great Problem 182
Foul Air and Disease of the Heart 183
Forests and Fruit-Growing 194
A New Theory of Volcanoes 203
Great Fires and Rain-Storms 206
Professor Tyndall's Topics 212
The Cocoa-Nut Palm and its Uses 214
Humanity and Insanity 218
Drifting of the Stars 224
How was Herculaneum Destroyed? 232
Sketch of General Sir Edward Sabine 238
Editor's Table 240
Literary Notices 244
Miscellany 249
Notes 255