Popular Science Monthly/Volume 43/September 1893/Obituary Notes


The Rev. T. Wolle, pastor of the Moravian church, Bethlehem, Pa., whose death was recently announced, was an ardent student of fresh-water algæ, and author of three important publications on the Freshwater Algæ, the Desmids, and the Diatoms of the United States.

Cavaliere Giuseppe Antonio Pasquale, Professor of Botany at the University of Naples, and Director of the Botanic Garden, who has recently died, was the author of several books, chiefly those on the flora of Vesuvius and the flora of Capri.

The death is announced of Dr. Karl Semper, author of the book in the International Scientific Series on the Natural Conditions of Existence as they affect Animal Life. He was born at Altona, in 1832; studied at Würzburg, chiefly in zoölogy; made a scientific journey in 1859-'62 through the Philippine and Pelew Islands, the results of which were published in several valuable works; became Professor of Zoölogy at Würzburg in 1868, and a few years later Director of the Zoölogical Institute there.