Popular Science Monthly/Volume 47/June 1895/Publications Received


Agricultural Experiment Stations. Reports and Bulletins. Connecticut: Eighteenth Annual Report. Parts II, III, and IV. Pp. 224.—Cornell University: Peach Yellows. B. L. H Bailey. Pp. 20.—Massachusetts: Nos. 54, 55, and 57. Meteorological Summaries and Analyses of Food, Fodder, and Manures. Pp. 8, each.—New Jersey: Fungous Diseases of Beets. By P. D. Halsted. Pp. 13.—Field Experiments with Fungicides. By B. D. Halsted and J. A. Kelsey. Pp. 32.—New York: No. 81, Manufacture of Cheese. Pp. 64. No. 83. Insects and Insecticides. Pp. 32. No. 84. Spraying Pear and Apple Orchards. Pp. 36. No. 85. Analyses of Commercial Fertilizers. Pp. 28.—North Dakota: Meteorological Summary, February. Pp. 13.—Ohio: No. 55. The Russian Thistle. Pp. 16, with Plates.—The San Jose Scale. Pp. 16, with Plate. University of Illinois: No. 34. Experiments with Wheat and Oats. Pp. 24. No. 35. The Russian Thistle. Pp. 4. No. 37. Corn Experiments. Pp. 24.

Alvarez, Antonio M., Director. Revista Potosina (weekly). San Luis Potosi, Mexico: José Guerre. Pp. 8.

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Bardeen, Charles Russell. Infection and Immunity. Syracuse, N. Y.: C. W. Bardeen. Pp. 20.

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Cornell University. Courses of Instruction in the President White School of History and Political Science. Pp. 29.

Cox, Rowland. The Constitution of the United States and its Relation to the Subject of Trade Marks. Pp. 30.

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De Gnbernatis, A. La Vita Italiana (Italian Life). Illustrated Tri-monthly. Rome, Vol. I, Nos. 1 and 2. Pp. 123. 25 lire a year.

Defoe, Daniel. History of the Plague in London. American Book Company. Pp. 253. 40 cents.

Duggan, Thomas J. Old Glory. A Prize Patriotic Song for Mixed Voices. Music by Homer N. Bartlett. Philadelphia: Henry Coleman. 10 cents.

Foote, Allen Ripley. A Sound Currency and Banking System: How it may be Secured. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. Pp. 110. 75 cents.

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Harrington, Mark W. Central American Rainfall. Washington: Philosophical Society. Pp. 30, with Plates. Surface Currents of the Great Lakes. United States Department of Agriculture. Six Charts and eight pages letterpress.

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Michigan Mining School. Catalogue and Announcements. Houghton, Mich

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