Popular Science Monthly/Volume 47/September 1895/Publications Received


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Bulletins, Reports, etc. Alabama Geological Survey: Coosa Coal Field.—American Philosophical Society: Proceedings of January (1895) Meeting.—Columbia College Geological Department: A New Fossil from the Laramie Group at Florence, Col. Winglike Appendages on the Petioles of Liriophyllum Populoides Lesq., etc.; Descriptions of New Leaves from the Cretaceous (Dakota Group) of Kansas—Illinois Factory Inspectors' Report for Year of 1894.—Iowa Health Bulletin. Vol. IX. No. 1.—Linnæan Society: Abstract of Proceedings for Year ending March 26, 1895.—National Flag Committee Proceedings: Appeal to Fifty-fourth Congress on the Misuse of the National Flag.—New England States, Vital Statistics of). Tennessee State Board of Health Bulletin. Vol. X. No. 2.—Trinity Church Tenements, Report on Sanitary Condition of.—Wisconsin University Bulletins: A Contribution to the Mineralogy of Wisconsin (Hobbs); Studies in Spherical and Practical Astronomy (Comstock). An Experimental Study of Field Methods which will insure to Stadia Measurements greatly Increased Accuracy (Smith)—The Finances of the United States from 1775 to 1889, with Especial Reference to the Budget (Bullock).—On the Quartz Keratophyre and Associated Rocks of the North Range of the Baraboo Bluffs (Weidman).—Utah University Quarterly. Vol. I. No. 2. Pp. 60.—Wagner Free Institute of Science: Transactions. Vol. Ill, Part III.—Wisconsin State Board of Health: Fifteenth Report.—Yale University Observatory: Report, 1894-'95.

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