Popular Science Monthly/Volume 49/October 1896/Publications Received


Agricultural Experiment Stations. Connecticut: Cost of Nitrogen, Phosphoric Acid, and Potash in Connecticut; Examination of Food Products sold in Connecticut.—Michigan State College: Tuberculosis and A Preliminary Bulletin on Pasteurization of Milk.—New Hampshire College: 35. The Codling Moth and the Apple Maggot; 36. Analysis of Three Common Insecticides; 37. Crimson Clover.—New York: Notes on the Recent Invasion of the Army Worm.—Ohio: Peach Yellows; Black Knot and San Jose Stale, and Fertilizers on Wheat.—Purdue University (Indiana): Field Experiments with Wheat.—United States Department: Climate and Crop Service for July; Fodder and Forage Plants exclusive of the Grasses.

Alabama Geological Survey. Iron-making in Alabama. Pp. 164. Bulletin No. 5: A Preliminary Report of the Resources of the Upper Gold Belt. Pp. 202.

Baker, Marcus. The Alaskan Boundary. Pp. 16.

Bell, Alexander M. English Visible Speech in Twelve Lessons. Washington: (The Author.) Pp. 80. 50 cents.

Davis, Gualterie C, Director. Anales de la Oficina metereológica Argentina. Vol. X. Climatology of Salta, Tucuman, Carcaraña, and Villa Maria. Buenos Aires: Pablo E. Coni & Sons. Pp. 556.

Fischer, P. D. Belrachtungen eines in Deutschland reisenden Deutschen (Reflections of a German traveling in Germany). Berlin: Julius Springer. Pp. 247. 8 marks.

Francke, Kuno. Social Forces in German Literature. New York: Henry Holt & Co. Pp. 577.

Hay, O. P. On Some Collections of Fishes and on The Skeleton of Soxochelys Latiremis. Field Columbian Museum Publications. Zoölogical Series. Vol. I. Nos. 4 and 5.

Harvard University Publications. Memoirs of the Peabody Museum. Vol. I. No. 1. Prehistoric Ruins of Copan, Honduras.

Hill, D. J. An Honest Dollar the Basis of Prosperity. New York: The National Republican Executive Committee.

Hypnotic Magazine, The (monthly). Chicago: The Psychic Publishing Co. 25 cents, $3.50 per annum.

Kansas Academy of Science. Transactions of the Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh Annual Meetings. Pp. 870.

Labor, Bulletin of Department of. No. 5. July, 1896. Convict Labor. Pp. 120.

Magpie, The (monthly). 10 cents, $1 per annum.

Munroe, John. The Story of Electricity (The Library of Useful Stories). New York: D. Appleton & Co. Pp. 187. 40 cents.

New York State Reformatory (Elmira) Yearbook for 1895.

Reprints. Call, R. E.: A Revision and Synonymy of the Parvus Group of Unionidæ, etc. (Proceedings of Indiana Academy of Science for 1895).—Peterson, F., M. D.; The Stigmata of Degeneration (State Hospital Bulletin, July, 1896)—Schnabel, E. D., M. D.: Hereditary Syphilis of the Nervous System (Lehigh Valley Medical Magazine, Vol. VII, No. 7).—Sparre, Henric: Treatment by Remedial Gymnastics (Medical Current, July and August, 1893).—Ward, Lester F. The Principles of Sociology (Proceedings of American Academy of Political and Social Science).—Walker, S. T.: Clinical Examination of Deaf-Mutes (Cincinnati Lancet-Clinic, July 4, 1896).

Revista da Sociedade de Geographla do Rio de Janeiro (Review of the Geographical Society of Rio de Janeiro). Vol. XI, 1895. Rio de Janeiro: Leuzinger. Pp. 110.

Smithsonian Publications: 1083. Catalogue of a Collection of Birds of Eastern Turkestan, Central Asia, etc.—1084. Description of Three Species of Sand Fleas at Newport, R. I.—1085. Remarks on the Synonymy of some North American Scolytid Beetles.—1086. Fossil Jelly Fishes from the Middle Cambrian Terrane.—1087. Preliminary Description of a New Genus and Three New Species of Crustaceans from an Artesian Well at San Marcos, Texas.—1088. Description of a New Genus and Species of Blind Tailed Batrachian from the Subterranean Waters of Texas.—1089. Description of a New Stickleback from the Coast of Maine.—1090. Description of a New Species of Ant Thrush from Nicaragua.—1091. Partial List of Birds collected at Altamira, Mexico, by F. B. Armstrong.—1092. On Some Prepared Parasitic Hymenopterous Insects from Ceylon.—1093. An Annotated List of Birds observed on Margarita Island and at Guanta and Laguayra, Venezuela.—1094. List of Coleoptera collected on the Tana River and on the Jomboul Range, East Africa.

Taber, C. A. M. The Coming Ice Age. Boston: George H. Ellis. Pp. 94.

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White, E. E. A School Algebra. New York: American Book Company. Pp. 394. $1.

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