Popular Science Monthly/Volume 51/June 1897/Publications Received


Agricultural Experiment Stations. Bulletins and Reports. Cornell University: Mos. 126-130. Currant and Raspberry Parasites, Sweet Peas, Dahlias, Experiments with Fertilizers, and Potato Culture Pp. 120.—Delaware College: Nos. 32, 34. Combating Anthrax and Plant Diseases. Pp 24 and 22.—Iowa: No. 34. Nine subjects. Pp. 104; Report of the State Board of Health, April. Pp. 20—Massachusetts Agricultural College: Thirty-fourth Annual Report. Pp. 356; No. 43. Electro-germination. Pp. 32.—New Hampshire: Nos. 40-42. Eighth Annual Report; Potatoes and Tomatoes. Pp. 42.—New Jersey: Nos. 119-121. Apple-growing, Potatoes, Cabbage Bug, and Melon Plant Louse. Pp. 56.—New York: Nos. 112, 113, 11.5, and 116. Potatoes, Director's Report, and Fertilizers. Pp. 150.—North Dakota (Government): No. 27. Smut of Grains. By H. L. Bolley. Pp. 58; Climate and Crop Service. Pp. 8.—Tennessee: State Board of Health Bulletin. Pp. 16.—United States Department of Agriculture: Insects affecting Stored Vegetable Products. By F. H. Chittenden; Insect Parasitism. By L. O. Howard. Pp. 57; The Clover Mite. Pp. 4; The Mexican Cotton-Boll Weevil. Pp. 8.—University of Illinois: No. 40. Various. Pp. 24.

Acloque. A. Les Insectes nuisibles (Injurious Insects). Paris: Félix Alcan. Pp. 192.

Alling-Aber, Mary R. An Experiment in Education. New York: Harper & Brothers.

Bell, Alexander Graham. The Mystic Oral School. Washington, D. C. Pp. 38.

Carus, Dr. Paul. Homilies of Science. Chicago: Open Court Publishing Company. Pp. 317. 35 cents.

Clodd, Edward. Pioneers of Evolution. From Thales to Huxley. New York: D. Appleton & Co. Pp. 274, with portraits. $1.50.

Cuadrado, Dr. Gastón Alon o. Introduccion al Estudio de la Espectroscopia (Introduction to the Study of Spectroscopy). Havana. Pp. 39.

Chapman, Frank M. Bird-Life. A Guide to the Study of our Common Birds. New York: D. Appleton & Co. Pp. 269. $1.75.

Foster, Hon. John W. The Annexation of Hawaii. Washington. Pp. 16.

Geikie, Sir Archibald. The Ancient Volcanoes of Great Britain. New York: Macmillan Company. Two volumes. Pp. 477 and 492. $11.25.

Grimsley, G. P. Gypsum in Kansas. Washburn College, Topeka. Pp. 27, with 4 plates.

Grosse, Ernst. The Beginnings of Art. New York: D. Appleton & Co. Pp. 327, with 3 plates. $1.75.

Harris, William T. Art Education the True Industrial Education. Syracuse, N. Y.: C. W. Bardeen. Pp. 77. 50 cents.

Harvard College Observatory. Observations with the Bruce Photographic Telescope. Pp. 4 text, and 3 photographs.

Kellogg, E. L., & Co., Publishers, New York and Chicago. Educational Foundation s Vol. VIII, No. 7. March, 1897. Pp. 67. $1 a year.

Kempster, John. The Blood Relations of the Soul. London: James Clarke & Co. Pp. 16. Twopence

Kirke, Ella Boyce. The Study of Oliver Twist condensed for Home and School Reading. New York: D. Appleton & Co. Pp. 348. 60 cents.

Matthews, Washington. Navajo Legends. Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin & Co. Pp. 298. $6.

Morgan, Thomas Hunt. The Development of the Frog's Egg. New York: The Macmillan Company. Pp. 192. $1.60.

Murray, Gilbert. A History of Ancient Greek Literature. New York: D. Appleton & Co. Pp. 420. $1.,50.

Nichols, Edward L. The Outlines of Physics. New York: The Macmillan Company. Pp. 452. $1.40.

Nichols, Edward L., and Franklin, William S. Elements of Physics. Vol. III. Light and Sound. New York: The Macmillan Company. Pp. 201. $1.50.

O'Shea, John J. The New Political Issue in Ireland. (Advance sheets.) Pp. 16.

Reports, Proceedings, Bulletins, etc. Central Indiana Hospital for the Insane: Forty-eighth Annual Report. Indianapolis. Pp. 51.—College of Science, Imperial University, Japan. Vol. IX, Part 11. Pp. 216, with Plates.—Forestry Association, American: Proceedings continued. Pp 75; The Forest Reservation Policy. Pp. 8.—Harvard College: Annals of the Astronomical Observatory; Journal of Zone Operations. By J. Winlock and E. C. Pickering. Pp. 299; Spectra of Bright Stars, discussed by Antonia C. Maury. Pp. 128.—Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Announcement of Summer Courses. Pp. 12.—Missouri Geological Survey: Biennial Report of the State Geologist. Jefferson City. Pp. 63, with maps.—National Science Club, Washington, D. C: Proceedings. Pp. 34.—New York State Library: Legislative Bulletin. No. 8. Pp. 56; Examination' Bulletin. No. 12. Pp. 112.—New York Academy of Sciences: Fourth Annual Reception. Pp. 62; New York Public Library: Bulletins. March and April, 1897. Pp. 44.—Rose Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute, Ind.: Fifteenth Annual Catalogue, 1807. Pp. 83.—Smithsonian Institution: Report of the Board of Regents for 1895). Pp. 837.—Society for Psychical Research: Proceedings. March, 1897. Pp. 20.—United States Commission of Fish and Fisheries: Report for 1895. Pp. 590; Illustrations showing Condition of Fur Seal Rookeries in 1895. and Method of Killing Seals: to accompany Report of C. H. Townsend, Assistant Fish Commissioner. 42 plates.

Reprints. Babcock, Warren I.: "From Demoniacal Possession to Insanity." Pp. 6.—Bauer, L. A.: On the Distribution and the Secular Variation of Terrestrial Magnetism. No. IV. Pp. 8.—Boas, Franz: Traditions of the Ts'ets'ãut. II. Pp. 14.—Bolton, Prof. H. Carrington: The Language used in Talking to Domestic Animals. Washington. Pp. 47. Call, R. Ellsworth: Note on the Flora of Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. Pp. 2.—Diller, J. S.: Crater Lake, Oregon. Pp. 8—Fairchild, H. L.: Lake Warren Shorelines in Western New York and the Geneva Beach; and Gilbert, G. K.: Old Tracks of Erian Drainage in Western New York. Rochester, N. Y. Pp. 20.—Grimsley, G. P.: The Study of Natural Palimpsests. Pp. 7.—Hollick, Arthur: The Cretaceous Clay Marl Exposure at Cliffwood, N. J. Pp. 12, with plates.—Insect Life. General Index to the Seven Volumes. Pp. 145.—Johnson, Henry L. E.: Appendicitis, etc. Pp. 12; A Case of Pyosalpinx, etc. Pp. 4.—Kemp, J. F.: The Leucite Hills of Wyoming. Pp. 16, and the Geology of the Magnetites near Fort Henry, N. Y. Pp. 68, with map.—Mason, Otis Tufton: Influence of Environment upon Human Industries or Arts.

Pp. 16.—Miller, Gerrit S.: Notes on the Mammals of Ontario. Pp. 44.—Ward, Lester F.: Individual Telesis. Pp. 20.

Schimmel & Co. (Fritsche Brothers). Leipzig and New York. Semiannual Report, April, 1897. (Chemical Extracts.) Pp. 53, with map.

Storer, P. H. Agriculture in some of its Relations with Chemistry. Seventh edition, revised and enlarged. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. Three vols. Pp. 620, 602, 679. $5.

Thayer, Alexander Wheelock. The Hebrews in Egypt and their Exodus. Peoria: E. S. Willcox. Pp. 315. $1.25.

United States Geological Survey. Geologic Atlas of the United States. Yellowstone National Park Folio, Wyoming. Pp. 6 text, 3 views, 4 maps.

United States Hydrographic Office. Classification of Clouds for the Weather Observers of the Office. One-sheet chart.

Vincent. Frank. The Plant World; its Romances and Realities. New York: D. Appleton & Co. Pp. 228. 60 cents.

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