Popular Science Monthly/Volume 53/June 1898/General Notices


Agricultural Experiment Stations. Reports and bulletins. Cornell University: No. 144. Notes on Spraying and on the San José Scale. By H. P. Gould. Pp. 16; No. 145. Some Important Pear Diseases. By B. M. Duggar. Pp. 32.—Delaware College: No. 36. Potash. Pp. 24; No. 38. Anthrax. Pp. 10; No. 39. Sorghum. By C. L. Penny. Pp. 23.—Michigan State Agricultural College: No. 151-153. Small Fruits and Vegetables. Pp. 96; Nos. 155 and 156. Spraying, and Nurseries and Orchards. Pp. 32; No. 154. Corn Raising. By C. D. Smith, Director. Pp. 24.—Montana: No. 15. Larkspur Poisoning of Sheep. Pp. 16, with plates.—New Hampshire College: No. 48. Ninth Annual Report. By Charles S. Murkland. Pp. 32; No. 49. Inspection of Fertilizers. Pp. 18.—Ohio: No. 84. Sixteenth Annual Report. Pp. 72; No. 90. Sugar-Beet Investigations. Pp. 42; Newspaper Bulletin on Arsenite of Soda. Pp. 2.—Purdue University: No. 68. The Sugar Beet in Indiana; No. 69. Insecticides, Fungicides, and Spraying. Pp. 8.—United States Department of Agriculture: Recent Laws against Injurious Insects, etc. By L. O. Howard, entomologist. Pp. 68; The Cultivated Vetches. Pp. 8; Climate and Crop Service, North Dakota Section. Pp. 8; Miscellaneous Results of the Work of the Division of Entomology. Pp. 100.—University of Illinois: No. 49. The Sugar Beet in Illinois. Pp. 52; No. 50. Cost of Production of Corn and Oats in 1896. Pp. 24.—University of Kansas (Department of Entomology): Scale Insects Injurious to Orchards. Pp. 62.

Bailey, L. H. The Pruning Book, a Monograph of the Pruning and Training of Plants as applied to American Conditions. The Macmillan Company. Pp. 5 7. $1.50.

Beauchamp, W. M. Polished Stone Weapons used by the New York Aborigines before and during European Occupation. New York State Museum, Albany. Pp. 102.

Blakiston, Son & Co., Philadelphia. Books on Medicine and Allied Sciences published during 1896, 1897, and 1898. Pp. 32.

Bulletins, Reports, and Proceedings. Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia: Nine sheets, 1898.—Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto: Transactions for 1897, including Report. Pp. 160. $1.—British Columbia: Annual Report of the Minister of Mines for 1897. Pp. 196, with maps.—Iowa Health Bulletin. March, 1898 Pp. 16.Michigan Monthly Bulletin of Vital Statistics. March, 1898. Pp. 20.—Peabody Museum of American Archæology and Ethnology: Thirty-first Report. Pp. 16.—Scientific Alliance of New York: Report of the Building Committee. December 23, 1897. Pp. 10, with plates.—Society for Psychical Research: Proceedings. February, 1898. Pp. 375. 1 shilling.—Treasury Department, United States: Notice to Mariners. March, 1898. Pp. 13.

Clarke, R. Floyd. The Science of Law and Lawmaking. New York: The Macmillan Company. Pp. 473. $4.

Cones, Elliott. Report of the Floyd Memorial Association. Sioux City, Iowa. Pp. 58.

Davidson, Thomas. Rousseau and Education according to Nature (Great Educators Series). New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. Pp. 253. $1.

Field Columbian Museum, Chicago. Publications: No. 23. List of a Collection of Shells from the Gulf of Aden. By Dr. W. H. Dall. Pp. 8; No. 26. A Bibliography cf the Anthropology of Peru. By G. A. Dorsey. Pp. 141; No. 27. Lists of Species of Mammals, principally Rodents, obtained in Iowa, Wyoming, and other States. By D. G. Elliot. Pp. 16.

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Reprints. Bell, Alexander G.: The Question of Sign Language and the Utility of Signs in the Instruction of the Deaf. Two papers. Pp. 29; Method of Instructing the Deaf in the United States (Statistics). Pp. 4.—Bolton, Dr. H. Carrington: Iatro Chemistry in 1897. Pp. 11; Hysterical Chemistry. Pp. 14.—Gillette, C. P.: American Leaf-hoppers of the Subfamily Typhlocibinæ. Pp. 64.—Horsford, Cornelia: Dwellings of the Saga Time in Iceland, Greenland, and Vineland. Pp. 12.—Keyes, C. R.: Use of Local Names in Geology. Pp. 10.—Lumholtz, Carl, and Hrdlicka, Ales: Marked Human Bones from a Prehistoric Tarasco Indian Place in Michoacan, Mexico. Pp. 20, with plates.—Macdougal. Prof. D. T.: The Province and Problems of Plant Physiology. Pp. 12.—Sunderland, J. T.: Christian Missions in India. Pp. 21.—Wyman, Hal C.: Some Cases of Brain Surgery. Pp. 11.

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