Popular Science Monthly/Volume 53/May 1898/Publications Received


Agricultural Experiment Stations. Bulletins and Reports. Cornell University: No. 142. The Codling Moth. By M. V. Slingerland. Pp. 09; No. 143. Sugar-Beet Investigations. Pp. 81.—Delaware College: No. 38. Apple Culture. By O. H. Powell. Pp. 20.—Michigan State Agricultural College: No. 149. Feeding Dairy Cows. By C. D. Smith. Pp. 56; No. 150. Sugar Beets. By C. D. Smith and R. C. Kedzie. Pp. 86—New Jersey: No. 128. The Peach Borer and Experiments with Hydraulic Cement. Pp. 28: Report of the Botanical Department for 1897. Pp. 136.—New York: No. ISO. A New Disease of Sweet Corn. Popular edition. Pp. 5: No. 131. Oat Smut and New Preventives. Popular edition. Pp. 5; No. 133. Gooseberry Mildew. By C. P. Case. Pp. 12 (and popular edition, pp. 5); No. 134.—Analyses of Commercial Fertilizers. By L. L. Van Slyke. Pp. 40; No. 135. Sugar Beets. By L. L. Van Slyke, W. H. Jordan, and G. W. Churchill. Pp. 32.—Ohio: No. 88. Co-operative Experiments by Students' Union. Pp. 32; No. 89. Diseases of Cucumbers, Melons, and Tomatoes. Pp. 24.—United States Department of Agriculture: No. 22. The Periodical Cicada in 1897. Pp. 4; No. 23. The Buffalo Tree Hopper. Pp. 4; No. 24. The Two-lined Chestnut Borer. Pp. 8; The Ox Warble. Pp. 10; The Pear Slug. Pp. 7; The Mexican Cotton-Ball Weevil in 1897. Pp. 7 (by E. A. Schwartz, C. L. Marlatt, F. U. Chittenden, and L. O. Howard, Assistant Entomologists).—No. 12. The San José Scale in 1896 and 1897. By L. O. Howard. Pp. 32.—University of Wisconsin: No. 65. A Bacterial Rot of Cabbage and Allied Plants. Pp. 39—Washington State Agricultural College and School of Science: No. 31. Sugar-Beet Culture in the Yakima Valley. By Elton Fulmer. Pp. 30, with Irrigation Map.

American Physical Education Review. Vol. II, No. 4. Boston: American Association for the Advancement of Physical Education. Quarterly. Pp. 64. 50 cents; $1.50 a year.

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Reprints. Allen, Arthur: Extra-organic Evolution. Pp. 2.—Babcock, S. M., and Russell, H. L.: Organized Ferments in Milk; a New Factor in the Ripening of Cheese. Pp. 32.—Bangs, Outram: The Land Mammals of Peninsular Florida and the Coast Region of Georgia. Pp. 80.—Brigham, A. P.: Topography and Glacial Deposits of Mohawk Valley. Pp. 32. with map.—Chamberlain, C. J.: Winter Characters of Certain Sporangia. Pp. 5, with plate.—Coulter, J. M.: Contribution to the Life History of Ranunculus. Pp. 16, with plates.—Dorsey, G. A.: The Geography of the Thimsian Indians. Pp. 7; A Copper Mask from Chimbote, Peru. Pp. 2, with plates.—Herter, C. A., M. D.: On Certain Relations between Bacterial Activity in the Intestine and the Indican of the Urine. Pp. 4; Some Aspects of the Doctrine of Autointoxication. Pp. 20.—Hollick, Arthur: A New Fossil Grass from Staten Island; A New Fossil Monocotyledon from the Yellow Gravel at Bridgeton, N. J.; and Affinities of Caulinites Ad. Brong. Pp. 8, with plates—Kemp, J. P.: Physiography of the Eastern Adirondacks in the Cambrian and Ordovician Periods. Pp. 6, with plate.—Miller, M. L.: A Preliminary Study of the Pueblo of Taos, New Mexico. Pp. 48, with plates.—Newberry, J. S.: New Species and a New Genus of American Palæozoic Fishes, etc. (edited by Basliford Dean). Pp. 24, with plates.—Prosser, C. S.: The Permian and Upper Carboniferous of Southern Kansas. Pp. 28.—Prudden, T. Mitchell: Pathology and the Department of Pathology (Columbian University). Pp. 20.—Reeve, C. H., Plymouth, Ind.: Money. What it is. Its Only Function. Pp. 16.—Franklin Institute: Smoke Nuisance, The, and its Regulation, with Special Reference to the Condition prevailing in Philadelphia (Improved Furnaces, Automatic Stokers, etc.). Pp. 91.—Stuver. E.: The Relation of Food, Air, and Exercise to Healthy Growth and Development. Pp. 7—White, T. D.: A Contribution to the Petrography of the Boston Basin. Pp. 40, with plates; The Original Trenton Rocks. Pp. 3.

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Smithsonian Institution. Report of the United States National Museum for 1895. Pp. 1080.—A Catalogue of Earthquakes on the Pacific Coast, 1769 to 1897 (Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge). By E. S. Holden, Pp. 2.53.—A Revision of Tropical African Diplopoda, of the Family Strongylosomatidæ. By O. F. Cook. Pp. 14.

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