Popular Science Monthly/Volume 53/October 1898/Publications Received


Agricultural Experiment Stations. Bulletins and Reports. Colorado State Agricultural College: No. 47. Colorado's Worst Insect Pests and their Remedies. By C. P. Gillette. Pp. 04, with plates.—Cornell University: No. 148. The Quince Curculio. By M. V. Slingerland. Pp. 24—Delaware College: No. 40. Soil Bacteria in their Relation to Agriculture. Part I. By F. D. Chester. Pp. 16.—Michigan State Agricultural College: No. 159. A Study of Normal Temperatures and the Tuberculin Test. By C. E. Marshall. Pp. 52; No. 160. Some Insects of the Year 1897. By R. R. Pettit. Pp. 40; No. 161. Fertilizer Analyses. By R. C. Kedzie. Pp. 20.—Michigan Bureau of Vital Statistics: June and July, 1898. Pp. 20 each.—Ohio: No. 93, The Home Mixing of Fertilizers. By C. E. Thome. Pp 20.—Purdue University: No. 70. The Relation of Water Supply to Animal Diseases. By A. W. Bilting. Pp. 12: No. 71. Corn Meal and Shorts and Skim Milk as Food (for Piss and Young Growing Chickens). By E. S. Flume and W. B. Anderson Pp. 10; Commercial Fertilizers. Special Bulletin. By II. A. Huston. Pp. 8.—United States Department of Agriculture: Flax Culture for Seed and Fiber in Europe and America. By C. R. Dodge. Pp. 80.

Andrews, Charles M. The Historical Development of Modern Europe. From the Congress of Vienna to the Present Time. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. Pp. 467. $2.50.

Binet, Alfred; Ribot, Th.; and others, Editors. L'Année Psychologique (The Psychological Annual). Fourth year. Paris: Schleicher Frères. Pp. 849. 15 francs ($3).

Bulletins, Proceedings, Reports, etc. American Chemical Society: Journal, August, 1898. Pp. about 100. $5 a year.—Association of American Anatomists: Proceedings of the Tenth Annual Session, December, 1897. Pp. 142.—Iowa, State University of: Laboratories of Natural History. Three papers. Pp. 84, with plates.—New York State College of Forestry, Cornell University: Announcement, 1898-'99. Pp 40—Ohio State University: College of Agriculture and Domestic Sciences, 1898-'99. Pp. 16.—United States Civil Service Commission: Fourteenth Annual Report, 1896-'97. Pp. 562.—University of Upsala, Sweden: Bulletin of the Geological Institution. Edited by Hj. Sjögnen. Vol. III. Part II. Pp. 144.—Wisconsin Geological and Agricultural Survey: On the Forestry Conditions of Northern Wisconsin. By Filibert Roth. Pp. 84, with map.

Collins, G. S., Editor. Selections from Jean Paul Friedrich Richter, with Notes. American Book Company. Pp. 163. 60 cents.

Davis, H. M. The Rutherfurd Photographic Measures of Sixty-five Stars near 61 Cygni; Parallaxes of 611 and 622 Cygni; Thirty-four Stars near "Bradley 3077." Pp. 132. Women Astronomers, Pp. 32.

Goldman, Henry. The Arithmachinist. A Practical Self-instructor in Mechanical Arithmetic. Chicago: The Office Men's Record Company. Pp. 128. 81.

Hayford, J. F. A Text-Book of Geodetic Astronomy. New York: John Wiley & Sons. Pp. 351, with plates.

Hoffman, F. S. The Sphere of Science. A Study of the Nature and Method of Scientific Investigation. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. Pp. 168. $1.

Lyte, E. O. Elementary English. Pp. 160. 35 cents. Elements of Grammar and Composition. Pp. 224. 50 cents.

Peckham, G. W., and Elizabeth C. On the Instincts and Habits of the Solitary Wasps. Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey. Pp. 245, with plates.

Quinn, Rev. D. A. Stenotypy; or. Shorthand for the Typewriter. Providence, R. I.: American Book Exchange.

Reprints. Calvert, P. F.: The Adonate Genus Macrotherais and its Allies. (Boston Society of Natural History.) Pp. 32, with plates.—Herman, Nathan, M. D.: Hypnotism in General Practice. (Maryland Medical Journal.) Pp. 5.—Hyatt, Alpheus: Report as Curator of the Boston Society of Natural History. Pp 26.—Minot, C. S.: On the Veins of the Wolffian Bodies in the Pig. (Boston Society of Natural History.) Pp. 13, with plates.—Storer, F. H.: Bussey Institution. Laboratory Notes and On the Systematic Destruction of Woodchucks. Pp. 16—Wadsworth. M. E., Houghton, Mich.: The Mechanical Action of the Divining Rod. P. 1.

Sheerin, Robert, M. D., Editor. The Suggester and Thinker. Monthly. Vol. T, No. 1. July, 1898. Cleveland, Ohio. Suggester and Thinker Company. Pp. 30. 10 cents; $1 a year.

Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections. No. 1076. A Catalogue of Scientific and Technical Periodicals. 1665 to 1895. Together with Chronological Tables and a Library Check List By H. C. Bolton. Second edition. Pp. 1247.—An Investigation of the Influence of Impure Atmosphere on the Resistance of Animals to the Organisms of Disease. By D. H. Bergey, M. D. Pp. 10.—Contributions to Knowledge. Ratio of Specific Heats at Constant Pressure and Constant Volume for Air, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and Hydrogen. By O. Lummer and E. Pringsheim. Pp. 29.

Udden. J. A. The Mechanical Composition of Wind Deposits. Augustana Library Publications. Rock Island, Ill. Pp. 69.

Vocke, William. The Relations of the People of the United States to the English and the Germans. Pp. 20.

Von Nägelli, Carl. A Mechanico-Physiological Theory of Organic Evolution. Summary. Chicago: The Open Court Publishing Company. (Religion of Science Library.) Pp. 53.

Wilson, Woodrow. The State. Elements of Historical and Practical Politics. Revised edition. Boston: D. C. Heath & Co. Pp. 656. $2.